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Sopwith Pup Balsa Wood 378mm Aircraft
Sopwith Pup Balsa Wood 378mm Aircraft

Sopwith Pup Balsa Wood 378mm Aircraft

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The Sopwith Pup was a British single-seater biplane fighter aircraft built by the Sopwith Aviation Company. It entered service with the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service in the autumn of 1916. With pleasant flying characteristics and good manoeuvrability, the aircraft proved very successful. The Pup was eventually outclassed by newer German fighters, but it was not completely replaced on the Western Front until the end of 1917. Remaining Pups were relegated to Home Defence and training units. The Pup's docile flying characteristics also made it ideal for use in aircraft carrier deck landing and takeoff experiments.


Brand Name: Sopwith Pup

Product Name: Balsa wood Aircraft Kit

Body length: 280MM

Material: balsa wood

Wingspan: 378MM

Flight weight: 42-50 grams

Center of gravity: 10-15mm below the leading edge of the lower wing

Use of the environment: indoor or outdoor windless weather

Package Included:
1X Sopwith Pup Balsa Wood 378mm Wingspan Biplane 

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